Do You Remember Where You Were That Morning The Towers Fell

Dated: 09/11/2014

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I think most of us have a vivid memory of where we were that 9/11 morning when those towers came crashing down. I know I was in my mom's room getting ready like I did everyday and my mom had the news on like she did everyday. Though this day took a dramatic change when we all sat on her bed on watched the horror of what happened to all those wonderful hard working people who went to work that morning thinking is was going to be a normal work day. Our hearts go out to all those family's that lost their family and friends that day! 

We like to give back to all our Hero's out there! That is why we are part of the wonderful Hero's Home Advantage Program. This program allow us to give 25% of our commission back to our Hero's. We couldn't be more grateful to be part of such a wonderful program that helps us remember our Veteran's, Active Military, First Responders, Nurses, Police, School Teachers and more who have all made such a wonderful impact in all of our lives!  To learn more about this wonderful program, Click Here
~Garner Real Estate Team

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